Strength & Conditioning

Perfect for those who want the attention and guidance from a trainer at only 1/4 of the cost. Class sizes are typically 3-10 athletes at a time to ensure quality coaching.

Strength, conditioning, agility and mobility training will be provided on a daily basis and will be customized for the individuals goals, sport and and training experience. 

If you work hard and put in the work, Justin is the person that will get you stronger and faster for your sport. He has a great positive attitude and has helped to improve my 40 yard dash from a 5.1 to 4.6 recorded at a college combine on top of my other physical attributes.

- Joey Cardoza

Washington State University

Justin has been helping me since my senior year in college. He has the knowledge and patience to help anyone achieve their goals. It doesn't matter what level you are. If you work hard and commit 100% to your goals you will achieve them.

- Tim Pang

Linfield College

Justin is Kamehameha Schools former strength and conditioning coach who has had the privilege to have worked with hundreds of high school and collegiate athletes. He is fully committed to seeing you progress and unlocking your full potential. We only use the best training methods to become a leaner, faster, and stronger version.

Perhaps the best reason for joining our program is the team and family bond we all have with each other. Everyone works together and encourages each other to finish.

We GUARANTEE your results and if you are unhappy for whatever reason you can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days no questions asked.

You will typically start seeing the following results within the first few of training!

– Strength & Explosive Power

– Mental Toughness & Conditioning

– Confidence & Self Esteem

– Strong Joints & Lower Risk of Injury

– Increase in Nutrition Knowledge

– Reduction of Body Fat & Increase of Lean Mass

"If you do the same training as everyone else it is impossible to separate yourself and achieve success."

Unlike some cross training and fitness facilities, we do NOT randomly put together a workout hoping and praying to make you a better trainee/athlete. Every workout has a specific purpose and goal to accomplish. 

When you join you also get the following benefits 

  • Unlimited Strength & Athletics Training 

  • Unlimited Functional Fitness Workouts

  • Complimentary Nutrition Consultation

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • No questions asked 100% 30 day money back guarantee if you can't honestly say that you improved your strength, sprinting time, and feel healthier overall. If you don't start enjoying great health and athletic benefits within the first 30 days, we don't deserve to keep your money.

Who we WILL work with and what we DO look for in an athlete is their commitment, work ethic, and attitude toward training so that we can take strides to unlock their potential regardless of where we start at. If you have read this far, this most likely means that you are very serious and we look forward to setting up an appointment with you.

  • Please Schedule a Complimentary Consultation Below.

Being a collegiate athlete, the motivation, training and the confidence we have built is incredible. Not only did Justin help me with physical training, but also the mental aspect as well. He has helped me become a well rounded athlete and recommend you reach out to him.

- Tayler Shimizi

Tennessee State University

Before I met Justin, I injured myself, and was never able to get back to weight lifting. He responds with very detailed information on exercises, fitness, and nutrition. When I first saw Justin, I weighed 230 lb, and could barely lift 135 lb. On my tenth week, I hit a new PR of 405 lb squat, 245 lb bench press, 275 lb deadlift, and LOST over 10 lbs

- Greg Ibarra

- Branden Kaupe

NY Mets

Spencer Keanini

KSM-Track Athlete