How to Structure Your Meals

How to build a habit based eating plan for health and performance that I've been using for years.

3 simple keys. Vary the amounts of food to your body type and goals.

1) I keep 12-16 hours from my dinner and breakfast. Last meal of the day at 7 pm and breakfast aka breaking fast at 7-11 am. Typically veggie egg omelet or a big assorted salad, avocado with organic/wild seafood, chicken, steak.

2) Mid day snack is a handful of nuts, piece of fruit or greek yogurt. If this is a post/pre workout meal I'll mix all 3 into a bowl of goodness.

3) 1-2 cups of rice, 1-2 servings of vegetables, 4-8 ounces of fish, chicken, steak.

Super simple and I'll follow this for 80-90% of the week to ensure I get my intake of vitamins, minerals, fiber and will have my reward *meal (not full day) 1-2 nights a week. Don't cheat yourself and treat yourself to something you enjoy. for more free tips.

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