My Personal Recovery Method

With the stresses of life and beating up our bodies from working out it sometimes feels difficult to fully recover. My one recovery secret that I have been doing for over 5 years that helps me workout 4-6 days a week consistently is that I will take a cold shower after working out. After a workout it may feel normal to jump into a warm shower which increases blood flow to our skin and relaxes your muscles. Definitely not a bad idea. Cold showers on the other hand increase blood flow to our organs and reduce muscle and joint swelling and research also shows that it is effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness the type of muscle pain we feel 2-3 days after a workout.

Main Benefits to Taking a Cold Shower Post Workout

-Increase speed of recovery -Increase mental alertness -Increase total daily calorie burn (Our body burns "brown" fat to keep our temperature up) will cover more in another post. -Increase Gluthathione (Our bodies strongest antioxidant that helps all other antioxidants in our bodies) If you workout in the morning then taking just a cold shower is great. If you workout in the evenings then contrast your shower with hot and cold so that you can get the recovery benefits of the cold shower and relaxation of the hot shower.

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