Super Simple Fat Loss Tip

With the internet and google being flooded with information, it is often hard to tell if the advice and knowledge will help or be detrimental to your goals. "Knowledge is power." - Francis Bacon Bad knowledge and information is also powerful and may potentially harm us mentally and/or physically. With that being said, I will personally never give you advice on things that I have not done myself and used on other clients as well. Now we can get into the fat loss tip which is to prolong breakfast for at least 1 hour after waking. By prolonging breakfast for 1-2 hours you allow your body to solely run off of its stored body fat and liver glycogen (sugar) that has been stored from your last meal. I recommend the following and have been doing this for over 2 years. Everyone's schedule is different adjust accordingly.

**Please see and consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions** 5 am-Drink 16 oz of Water concoction. (Will go into detail in another post if requested) 6 am-Drink 4-12 oz of Green Tea or Black Coffee. 7 am-Eat Nutrient Dense Breakfast If this blog post helped you guys please follow me on my social media links for daily tips. Mahalo.

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