Why Fitness Never Gets Easy

1. Never Get Comfortable

  • Once you get past the initial couple of weeks or even months of incorporating a exercise and nutrition program it is very easy to get comfortable and happy with the initial weight loss. The majority of people who hit a plateau typically are still doing the same exercise and eating program that got them the initial weight loss.

2. Consistently Increase

  • You must constantly be pushing your body if you want a higher level of health and fitness by incresing the duration, weight, reps, or type of exercise. Our bodies love homeostasis and could care less about you wanting six pack abs and will adapt to the stresses you place upon it quickly. For example, if you lost 5 pounds in the first month of walking 20 minutes a day and wonder you are no longer seeing progress by doing the same thing month after month. It is because your body has learned to become efficient at walking 20 minutes a day. A simple way to continue progress would be to either

  • Walk 20 minutes at a faster pace

  • Walk 20 minutes at a elevation

  • Walk 30 minutes at the same pace

  • Perform higher intensity exercise for 10 minutes.

  • This list can go on and on. Reach out to me at Yanagida808@live.com to see how I can personalize your program.

3. Never Be Satisfied

  • Now this can be a touchy topic but every time I ask people young, old, and sick what their true health and fitness potential is they always tell me it is much higher than where they currently are now.

  • Can you eat healthier foods to have perfect blood markers?

  • Can you drop some weight to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses?

  • Can you increase your fitness so that you can move and keep up with your kids without tiring?

  • Do you know that deep down you have a ton of potential and come up with reasons not to harness them?

For more information and help please personally reach me out this websites email or send a direct email to Yanagida808@live.

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