How I Almost Died In My Pursuit to Health & Fitness

Asthma sucks

Growing up until the age of 14 I had terrible asthma which took me through depression, and nearly had me giving up on being healthy and even my life.


I can't remember a time growing up where I didn't carry around an inhaler or getting hooked up to a nebulizer on a daily basis. One day when I was around 12 year old, our PE class had to run just 1 lap around a field 400m and I remember not being able to finish and struggling for oxygen.

After seeing my doctor for a routine check up he had told me to NEVER exercise or perform any activity that will increase my heart rate for the rest of my life because my condition my lunges seemed to have more inflammation as time went on.

A month or two had gone by and I really wanted to get better but I couldn't shake what my doctor had told me. With my parents approval and PE teacher watching I continuously put in a few minutes to jog longer and longer. After 3 months of constantly pushing myself and battling the fear, I was able to jog for 20 minutes where as I could barely jog a minute before.

This is one of the reasons that I truly believe and promote the message of "Fighting Sickness with Fitness". NOBODY even medical professionals don't know your true potential that you are born with. Don't let someone tell you that it can't be done especially without trying. I truly hope I can reach and inspire those who think nothing can be done and tap into their potential so that they can help and inspire others as well.

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