Natural Homemade "Sports Drink"

With all of the crazy sports drinks out there that are filled with as much sugar as a Soda, it is definitely not the best thing to drink while working out if you are looking to lean out and lose body fat.

My homemade sports drink is very similar to my professors original ingredients with a few things different.

Depending on your Water bottle/flask size here is a typical breakdown.

24-40 oz Water 1/4 tbsp of Pink Himalayan salt 1/2 lemon or natural lemon juice 1 packet stevia for taste *optional*

Himalayan Salt has the highest naturally occurring minerals that include electrolytes, magnesium and contains ALL 84 minerals that our bodies require on a daily basis.

Lemon/natural lemon juice is added because it has the highest electrolyte content of all fruits as well for taste.

Try this out guys and let me know if you guys have better workouts and recover quicker.

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