3 Tips to Lose Weight

1. Eat More Food While Consuming Less Calories Yes, you read that correct. By eating more vegetables and lean meats you will be fuller while keeping your caloric intake low. You would have to eat over 10 cups of spinach to equate to 1 bowl of rice. Find out your daily maintenance calories by using http://www.freedieting.com/ and then fill up the majority of your calories from veggies, fruits, animal proteins and you will be surprised at how much food you can eat everyday. 2. Drink Water, Lots of It Many of us are dehydrated especially during the summer where our water requirements go up. When you feel "thirsty" your body is already dehydrated and that is a sign you need to drink more water frequently. A good guideline is to drink anywhere from 96-128 oz of water per day. By being staying constantly hydrated your muscles will cramp less often, have more energy, and also keep some cravings away. 3. Enjoy The Foods You Like In Moderation By occasionally having foods that you enjoy you are much more likely to develop a healthy relationship with food while also keeping your sanity. The worst thing to do is completely cut out a food group, or food category for a prolonged period of time. Personally I like to follow the 80/20 rule of basing my nutrition on animal proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds while having the occasional treat for sanity purposes.

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