Functional Fitness

If you want to become your healthiest version of yourself, this class is perfect for you. Our priority on interval training along with teaching proper nutrition helps maximize your results. We treat these classes as a group personal training session and our workouts typically consist of people in the age ranges of 25-65 years young with our oldest members over 70 years of age! We have exercise modifications for all levels of fitness and those with injuries.

If you are seeking a like minded group that will keep you accountable and have a fitness professional this class is perfect for you. Think of this class as a premium personal training session done in a group setting.

You will typically start seeing the following results and benefits within the first few weeks!

  • Increase in Daily Energy 

  • Reduction of Body Fat 

  • Lose Inches Off of Your Waist

  • Increase Cardiovascular System

  • Increase Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Stronger Joints & Lower Risk of Injury

You will be surround by a team of fitness professionals that will guide you at a 1/4 the cost of personal training. 

We truly believe that you will improve your muscle tone, burn fat, and start having more energy during the day. For that reason we became the only fitness studio that offers a no questions asked

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