Corporate Wellness 

Imagine having your employees having more energy, in a positive mood and increase productivity while also reducing sick leave and illness in the work place? 

You're in luck because we're the only team on Maui that personally goes into the workplace to deliver workouts, nutrition and lifestyle talks in a Q&A setting to ensure your employees get the best results.


Studies have shown that employees who follow a healthy lifestyle are 14-37% more productive!! The old clique of "employees are one of the best investments" holds true in our opinion.

Let me ask, how much would you be willing to invest in marketing if they could increase your revenue just 14-37%? 

If all of your employees whether you have 5 or 50 people in your company worked 14-37% more productively you would experience massive growth and multiply your business to new levels.

Here's how we do it.

-Weekly On Site Private Group Training

-Weekly On Site Private Q&A For All Employees

-Unlimited Studio Memberships For All Employees

-Unlimited Email Support For All Employees

-Unlimited Exercise Customization 

-Wholesome Customizable Nutrition Program

-Private Facebook Group Access For All Employees

-60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If you don't start seeing improvements in your employees and start increasing your business top line, your customers satisfaction, and have a reduction in sick leave in 60 days we don't deserve to keep your money.

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"Justin is not part of the average group of trainers, and a highly energetic, passionate coach who loves what he does and truly cares about his clients. The way he motivates and gets through to people is unique and he is an inspirational leader."

-Toni Rojas

QKC Marketing Director

"Justin reaches out and encourages his clients from his heart and I truly appreciate his drive and passion to spread health and fitness to our community. He leads by example by being transparent of his struggles growing up and overcame his physical limitations. "

-Mitzi Toro

Owner, Maui Cookie Lady